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I love Sherri’s artwork. She has so many different paintings. From soft to bold and even whimsical. She’s challenging herself now with her first commissioned request with the sea and children in the photo. Not afraid to take risks and grow her art. Wonderful person inside her ❤️  and it shows in her work.


I think the reason that Sherri's paintings are so good is that she seems to put so much of herself into her artwork.


Just had to share – I took a photo several years ago at the beach and it became my favorite. So this year my husband had my friend Sherri (who is a wonderful artist) paint it on canvas and surprised me yesterday. I LOVE IT!


After seeing some of Sherri's other pieces I knew I wanted her to put her special touch into a painting of Jerry Garcia's famous "Wolf" guitar. She not only captured the power of this iconic instrument in the way her strokes radiate out from the guitar, but she subtly captured the emotion of Jerry's departure from this life while leaving his music behind with imagery of birds flying away in the background of the piece.


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