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The Ethereal Dance: A Winter's Dream

Sherri Springer’s relationship with the arts has always been of a highly intuitive nature. When little, she would play the piano by ear, although she only received minimal formal instruction. Similarly, art came into her life spontaneously, when her mother - a talented oil painter - was diagnosed with end-stage cancer. Painting became a way to feel close to her and cope with the difficult reality ahead. Living in Florida, near the Gulf of Mexico, Springer is attracted to serene coastal landscapes, flower fields, and animals. Her abstracts are almost mystical, as if pervaded by an angelic presence. Her palette ranges from soft pastels to bold tones; alternating delicate shading and thick dynamic markings. When painting, Springer lets herself go completely. She feels her way through the painting quickly and instinctively, often using her fingers; sometimes holding two or three brushes at a time. Springer’s ebullient yet reflective personality shines through each of her paintings; her mother’s presence guiding her with its invisible, loving hand.

Originally from Montgomery, Alabama, Springer moved to the Florida Panhandle. She holds a business degree in Human Resource Management from Auburn University at Montgomery. After twenty years in the corporate world, she recently became a full-time artist. Springer’s paintings have been exhibited locally and internationally. Her artwork was featured in Contemporary Art Curator Magazine, House & Garden, The World of Interiors, and on HGTV’s My Lottery Dream Home.

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