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Artist Bio

Sherri has always loved art, music, and nature... especially the beach! It is a place of calm and serenity for her that also fuels her creative drive. Working in office environments for 20 years, Sherri dabbled in art on occasion over the years.. However, painting surfaced in a powerful way in her life in 2019.


She spent much of her time that year supporting her mother during her end stage cancer. Painting calmed Sherri's mind, helping her cope with the unfortunate reality she faced. She believes her interest in painting was, at least in part, a divine act in preparation for her mother's passing.


Painting was always a special thing that Sherri and her mother shared together, with Sherri and others remembering her mother as a very talented oil artist for most of her life. Her mother was elated when Sherri took interest in this artistic outlet that she herself was so passionate about and loved watching as Sherri fine-tuned her skills. 


Sherri cherishes the memory of her mother getting to witness her evolution into a fine artist. Ever since that time, it became evident that this was to be a real purpose in her life going forward. She remains feeling blessed by the fact she has received some of her mother's talent. It also helps Sherri feel her mother's presence – a legacy living on.

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